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Sarah's Reiki Healing is focused on providing a high-quality, caring service.  Clients are treated respectfully and each person's individual needs are accounted for.  Consultations are free of charge.
With all my therapies, I aim to provide a safe environment in which the quality of people's lives can be improved and their mind and bodies allowed to start the process of healing.  I provide a selection of holistic therapies to treat and sooth mind, body and soul.
Reiki is a hands on healing treatment in which the recipient remains fully clothed.  It is extremely relaxing and calming.  Reiki treats the whole person creating many beneficial effects including  feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.  It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness or ailment.  It works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.  It helps clarify the mind and promotes better sleep.
Holistic massage treats the whole person - both physically and mentally.  It is gentler than some other (deep tissue) treatments, so it is relaxing, it alleviates stress, releases toxins, stimulates the circulation, eases tired tense muscles, aids digestion and improves skin condition.  I offer therapeutic massage and aromatherapy massage.  Therapeutic massage is deeper tissue, aromatherapy massage is relaxing and uses essential oils blended individually for each client.
Hot stone lava shells and warm bamboo massages offer many similar benefits. The hot basalt stones, the lava shells and the warm bamboo sticks will relax your muscles and "draw out" muscle pain and discomfort.  They connect the flow or paths of energy in your body in order to rebalance the mind and body. The stones assist the treatment of weakened conditions by stimulating and detoxifying, helping you to fight infection, release tension, and reduce muscle spasm.  The treatments both increase the circulation and improve lymphatic function.  The warm bamboo sticks not only warm the muscles in preparation for the massage work, but they also enable the practitioner to give a deeper tissue treatment.   They will sooth you and relax you.
The natural face lift massage is totally rejuvenating, and gives you a more youthful appearance with the need for surgery!  Indian and Japanese facial massage techniques are used as well as acupressure points which link to all the major organs and connect to the meridian lines of the body, so the energy centres in the body become balanced, stress and tension are removed, skin becomes more supple thus enabling you to maintain a fresher, more youthful appearance.  The treatment includes a back neck and shoulder massage and a hand massage.
Indian head massage treats the upper back, neck, shoulders, upper arms, scalp and face.  The treatment is performed while the client is seated.   Indian head massage is particularly good for relieving tension headaches and eyestrain as well as loosening tight neck and shoulder muscles..  It releases endorphins from the brain, relieving pain and feelings of depression.  It stimulates immunity and releases toxins,  nourishes tissues and improves the condition of the skin and hair as well as helping relieve mental fatigue and promoting clearer thinking.  It reduces anxiety and creates calmness and tranquillity. 
Thai foot massage treats the feet and lower legs.  It works on the Sen lines which correspond to the meridians in the body.  The reflex points have their correspondences in all the major organs in the body, so it really is a "whole body" treatment.  It is particularly soothing for runners or sports men and women or people whose work involves being on their feet all day, but is suitable for anyone who wants a relaxing and calming treatment.  It reduces swelling in the feet and ankles and the lower leg massage relieves tight muscles in the calves and around the knees.

Myofascial release is a treatment for the relief of back pain, bladder problems, bulging discs, carpal tunnel syndrome, cervical and lumbar injuries, M.E,. fibromyalgia, chronic pain, degenerative disc disease, tinnitus, headaches and migraines, myofascial pain syndrome, TMJ syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, osteoarthritis, neck pain, shoulder pain, pelvic pain, sciatica and whiplash. It can also help with fertility.

Pregnancy massage is a one hour treatment in which I can  address whatever your problem areas are, so for example if you have back ache, I can give you a back, neck and shoulder massage; if you have sore feet or swollen feet and ankles I can include a foot massage, for relaxation I can include a facial or a head massage; abdominal massage is very soothing and calming for your baby.  I can massage your hands, and I can include some Reiki. 

Shamanic healing is a powerful process, and a very ancient practise.  It comes from tribal cultures and utilises the energy of Mother Earth and the animal spirits to bring harmony and balance to a person both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  People generally say that having a Shamanic healing makes them feel better about themselves and more positive about their lives generally. It's a very deep healing.  It can be combined with processes such as cutting of ties and past life therapy or Illuminations.  I also do Death Rites and Psychopomp.

I also do Tarot card readings, the method I practice is called "Tarot Therapy".  It enables me to get to know you better so I can find how best to help you.  I also use birth charts and Past Life oracle cards.

I am a  Reiki and Reiki/Seichem Master/Teacher and I run Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Seichem 1 and 2, Advanced and Master/Teacher courses, as well as a variety of massage courses.  See  I am a member of The Guild of Therapy Lecturers.

Distant healing also available.
Contact me on 01258 458340/07599 094319 or email to try one of my beautiful treatments or to book a Reiki training course.
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